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Image a world where you and your purpose are aligned. Lead with our intention – through life and business. I believe discovering your purpose leads to clarity and confidence which makes daily tasks to business decisions easier. 

The Pursuit of Purpose explores how to put your unique purpose to work building an authentic and successful service-driven brand. 

Your host, Amy Austin, is a successful entrepreneur, coach, speaker and brand strategist. Her experience spans over 20 years and several service industries including healthcare, software, and entertainment. Additionally, she leads workshops focused on defining your purpose and using it as the foundation of personal and business brands.

Our stories start with purpose.

Jun 6, 2019

Launching a podcast is a lot of work. But it has been a fun learning experience.

If you've seen my social media posts, you know I'm getting ready to share a podcast with the world. The Pursuit of Purpose has been on my mind for quite some time but I was hesitant.

Excuses, Excuses.... 

First I had no idea how to do...